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Government launches milestone policy to boost active travel


The Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF) has today welcomed the release of the Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport white paper by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon Anthony Albanese.

“This landmark statement recognises for the first time the health, transport, productivity and community benefits to be gained from making it easier and safer for all Australians to walk, ride and use public transport,” said the CPF’s Stephen Hodge.

“We applaud the following key aspects of the Minister’s statement:

  • Establishment of an expert advisory body to assist with the objectives of making walking and cycling an easier option for all Australians (#5.1, p49)
  •  Confirmation of the Minister’s announcement for a policy of providing infrastructure and options for walking and cycling when planning all transport projects (#3.3, p39), and
  •  An approach to analysis of all transport projects that recognises all costs and benefits when making funding decisions (#2.3, p25).

There are nine critical actions in the policy that will support more cycling, walking and access to public transport. All are vital to the future of the transport network as they will achieve;

  • increased capacity, and reduced congestion, in the overall transport network
  • improved public health and reduced healthcare costs
  • increased productivity
  • reduced environmental impacts
  • improved community wellbeing and social cohesion.


“Not only have Australians started counting the cost to their health of having few options for short trips that allow them to be active,

“Congestion is also choking cities and towns where the vast majority of our productivity is created – for Australia’s economy, business as usual is no longer an option,” Hodge said.

“The CPF congratulates the Deputy Prime Minister for his statement and looks forward to supporting further actions to implement his commitments.”

The ministerial statement on Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport: supporting active travel in Australian communities is available for download here: LINK

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