Canberra Transport Photo

On a brisk July Canberra morning the Cycling Promotion Fund joined with the ACT Government and Pedal Power ACT to re-create a world-renowned transport photograph to demonstrate the advantages of travel in congested cities by bus and bicycle.

The image features 1 Canberra bus, with a average capacity of 69 people, 60 cars, as this is the average number of cars used to move 69 people, and 69 bicycles.

The Cycling Promotion Fund created a large amount of interest from cities across Australia and has released the photo freely to all who would like to use the image.

‘A photo is worth a thousand words and the Canberra transport photo shows just how effective public transport and cycling are to move in our congested cities’.

Canberra Transport Photo x3 2400px titled



For a hi-res version of the image - click here

To see the image with pedestrians included - click here



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